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the road. surfing for sales. after three days of shopping, consumers now getting ready to go online for the big discounts. but with the internet already heating up with holiday sales, are there any cyber monday deals worth waiting for? and getting back up. an orlando magic cheerleader falls during a stunt injuring her back and putting the spotlight on the sport's dangers. this morning she is live in our studio to talk about her fall and her road to recovery "today," sunday, november 25, 2012. and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm carl quintanilla. lester is enjoying the morning off. and since we're here, that means one thing, we did not win the
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powerball jackpot. nobody did. and that means that this week's drawing could reach a record of at least $425 million. we'll have a lot more on that coming up. >> of course the positive is we still have a chance now. right? >> now we're going to try to win. >> don't give up on the dream. millions of people are about to begin a long day of travel in the air and on the road. will the weather cooperate, though? we'll have your complete travel forecast for the day and if you do find yourself delayed or stranded at the airport for hours, don't be discouraged. we have dylan to find the best way to help you get through that without too much aggravation including some must-haves for every traveler. then black friday discount shopping from the comforts of your own home. we're talking cyber monday but with all the details of the deals already available, should we start on cyber sunday? we'll let you know what kind of sales you can expect and the best time of day to make those purchases. >> i like that. also some viral videos getting into the holiday spirit. >> that's right. like this chihauhau dancing for
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her thanksgiving dinner. some of the nba players putting a popular spin on a christmas carol. >> and the remarkable story of a preschool teacher who always puts her students first even when her home was destroyed twice in one year by severe weather. when she needed help, her community rallies around her. we have her touching story coming up in our half hour. we do begin with the busy travel day ahead. millions of americans returning home from their thanksgiving vacation. and that means congested airports and roadways. michelle franzen is at a rest stop along the new jersey turnpike. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the traffic so far flowing well here along the turnpike but the majority of travelers, whether taking to the roads or going by plane will head back home today after the long holiday weekend. it could be an even longer ride if mother nature has her way. the trek back from thanksgiving will be in full swing today following a holiday journey for more than 43 million americans.
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it is the fourth year in a row there's been an increase of travelers and the majority, 90%, drove to their destination. air travel actually went down by almost 2%. just over 3 million are traveling by plane. americans still wanting to get away, but also save where they can. >> the factors that are behind these numbers relate primarily to the economy and, as we all know, the economy is still sluggish but there is improvement. >> reporter: aaa estimates 45% of travelers left the wednesday before thanksgiving with 36% returning today and another 25% returning on monday. and if the big travel day before thanksgiving was any indication, it could be a long journey home. this is what it looked like on the 405 in los angeles on the big getaway day with traffic backed up for miles. and on thanksgiving morning, as
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drivers headed out on i-10 east outside beaumont, texas, dense fog caused a deadly chain reaction pileup involving 100 vehicles. husband and wife, vincent and debbie leggieo, were killed. 100 people injured and the trail of twisted wreckage stretched for two miles. and now forecasters say more fog and even snow in parts of the midwest and northeast could make it a little tougher getting home after a long holiday weekend. and, again, the roads along the new jersey turnpike this hour so far so good but later today, erica, this could be a virtual parking lot. also, in the meantime, americans, it's estimated they spent just under $500 this year. that's about a 10% drop from last year. >> michelle franzen, thank you. will mother nature cooperate? dylan dreyer is out on the plaza with a look at today's forecast. good morning. good morning. for the most part the weather across the country looks okay. we are starting off the day with
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a little fog, back across california. but the trouble spots the will be around the great lakes. we do have some lake effect snow continuing. it is pushing east into michigan and also following along the shores of lake erie and lake ontario, through syracuse, into cleveland, ohio, erie, pennsylvania, even stretching down into pittsburgh. so those will be an area that we'll be keeping an eye on because of the snow cover that's out there. we also back into idaho falls have a wintry mix and some scattered snow showers across montana into wyoming and also rapid city dealing with some frozen precipitation that is sleet and freezing rain. elsewhere the rest of the country, especially the southern half of the country and the east coast does look fine for all the travelers out there. erica, carl? >> we will have the rest of your forecast in just a moment. first up, though, msnbc's thomas roberts for the morning's other top stories. thomas, good morning. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. a deadly tragedy is under investigation in bangladesh. at least 112 people killed on
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saturday in a fire that raged through a factory that makes clothing for export to the united states. the building had no emergency exits, trapping many of the victims. rescuers think more bodies could be found today. two maintenance workers were hurt when a flash fire broke out saturday at the state department headquarters in washington. the fire started on the 8th floor while crews were doing duct work. one worker has life threatening injuries. on a different note today, expect a jump in jackpot fever for this wednesday's powerball drawing. nobody had all six numbers right on saturday night. so the $325 million jackpot will increase to $425 million or more depending on ticket sales. that's the largest jackpot ever for the powerball game. the latest survey finds holiday shoppers spent more that $11 billion on black friday down 2% from last year. one reason retailers open on thanksgiving night took away sales that typically would have occurred the next morning. still, holiday shopping has been brisk.
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president obama took daughters sasha and malia to a local bookstore in nearby arlington, virginia. the fighting irish will be playing for their first national championship since 1988. notre dame earned the trip to miami with a 22-13 win on saturday night. the irish will play the winner of next week's s.e.c. championship game between alabama and georgia. an oregon man is lucky to be alive after a wreck that left him in his vehicle dangling over a busy highway. police say the driver of this pickup crashed into a railing on an overpass and almost went over the side. the fire truck ladder and basket were used to rescue the 38-year-old driver. he was arrested for dui. okay, so you can forget about sugar plums dancing in their heads. take a look at this because these salvation army volunteers are putting the beat on the street. they're hoping that by doing more than ringing their bells they will attract the attention of people preoccupied with holiday shopping and boost donations to the red kettle
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drive. they have some moves there. he has some moves. we'll send it back over to erica and carl. >> they had to do a little gangnam style. i saw them out here lip-synching, the ladies had some mad moves on them. >> thanks, thomas. meanwhile, dylan is back with a check of the weather. whether you are shopping or traveling today, right? most areas, as i said before, actually look okay. the trouble spots, the great lakes region. we also officially have an end to the growing season across the southeast. temperatures have dipped below freezing. we're starting off the day through alabama, through georgia, down in the 20s this morning. so some really cold air is starting to work into that area. we also are going to see more snow accumulate off the shores of the great lakes. we will most likely see another 1 to 3 inches but some spots especially off the eastern shores of lake ontario could end up with 3 to 6 inches of snow and more snow across the mountains and some areas could pick up close to a foot of snow out west.
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this is what you can see kind of out the window in san francisco right now. a lot of fog this morning and range of temperatures from 30s and 40s to the north bay, 50s in san francisco southward where some of the thickest fog this morning is san francisco, oakland down into san jose and across the north bay visibility about a mile or less. with the foggy start and the sunshine that will be fighting through low clouds, a cooler day. low to mid 60s for highs. dry through tuesday. then windy and rainy by wednesday. >> and that is your latest forecast. carl? black friday and small business saturday are behind us. now time to go online and get ready for the next round, cyber monday. thomas roberts is back with that. carl, it is one of the biggest on line shopping days with discounts on a wide range of merchandise including some that may just surprise you. it's the super bowl of shopping for online retailers. >> this is the one time of the
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year where they can make deep discounts for people that are really looking to shop plus you get to do it from the convenience of your home. >> you get to stay in your pajamas and stay at home. >> cyber monday is quicker, easier, less aggravation. >> reporter: this year the sales are expected to grow with online shoppers spending a record breaking $1.5 billion. experts say video games, computers, toys, and even clothing are cyber monday's best buys. >> you are seeing at significant, deep discounts. joseph a. banks has wrinkle free shirts for $30. they're regularly $87.50. a huge drop. on top of that amazon is doing deep discounting on books, movies and videos. >> reporter: and if you're in the market for appliances -- >> i've seen real specific deals about washers and dryers discounted up to $250 each. but all the way down to blenders, too. >> reporter: for finding the best deals, there is an app for that. >> invisible hand, price grabber, shop savvy.
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these are sites and apps that can help you make sure you are getting the best deal or make sure if you see an item you like, where you can get it for less. >> reporter: so if you missed the black friday frenzy, don't worry. bigger, better deals are possibly just a mouse click away. >> the bottom line is it's a tough economy for a lot of families. a lot of people are stretched thin on their dollars and they want to maximize what they can spend on it. >> reporter: nearly 60% of adults with internet access will shop on monday. this is according to the national retail federation. but if you're back at the office tomorrow and too busy to shop, carl, another big day for online buying is free shipping day, mark your calendar, december 17. >> calendar is getting full, thomas. thanks. claudia is a pay pal shopping specialist. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we talk about cyber monday but aren't there already deals out there now? >> there are.
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the sales are starting earlier than ever. consumers are looking for those deals and retailers are putting them out there and we found this, too, the holiday shopping season started on september 30th. a full month earlier than last year. >> between black friday and cyber monday, are deals any better tomorrow than they were last thursday? >> it's a big shopping day, of course, and people are looking for top items, top sellers, electronics, jewelry and apparel. there are great deals to be had but, again, they've been out there and there are tools that can help you find the good deals online as well. >> let's talk about the time of day. if you're going to logon do you have to stay up until midnight and start hitting click at 12:01 or wait until later? >> you do not have to do that. one of the draws of being able to shop online is the flexibility and convenience of doing that. between noon and 1:00 was the busiest shopping time for online and mobile on black friday. we're expecting something similar on cyber monday. mondays traditionally for us tend to be the busiest between noon and 1:00. there are apps you can use, it tgi cyber monday and retail me not will update all day with the promotions that are coming out
6:13 am
throughout the day. >> thomas mentioned a couple of names. you mentioned buyzillion, one called slice if you are on mobile you can use an app to tell you if something you are thinking of buying the price is dropping somewhere else, correct? >> it is great because what's different about it, it has 17 million reviews that you can look at, products -- you can search products, local inventory. it uses bar code scanning to help you find the best prices. >> you talk about what time of the day to log on. some were smart enough to save some things for the afternoon, right? they're not going to put it all out in the morning. >> that's right. that's why some of these apps are helpful to update you throughout the day, the deals and month proegzs coming. they will update throughout the day so you know what's happening. >> if you are thinking of logging on tomorrow, do you think you are getting the best deals that you can possibly get or is it even smarter to wait until later in the season? thomas mentioned december 17 is free shipping day. maybe the closer you get to christmas the more money you will save.
6:14 am
>> 44% of retailers will offer free shipping this holiday season. a record number of retailers, 85%, are going to be participating in cyber monday deals. but, again, those deals will last throughout the season as retailers get onboard. consumers have apps at their hands and these tools in their hands. on black friday, paypal saw 193% increase in mobile shopping. >> 193%. >> 193%, a threefold increase. >> that is unbelievable. you mentioned categories, electronics, jewelry and apparel. is that really where the sweet spot is for discounts? >> those are the top sellers for holidays particularly cyber monday and black friday. the biggest sales and promotions happening. >> get ready to start clicking. >> get your smartphones and computers ready. up next on "today," the duke and duchess of cambridge in the spotlight as they prepare for a busy holiday season. t as they p busy holiday season. here you go little man.
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>> reporter: will and kate back in the spotlight after controversy. this week attending a rugby match and private photos of their trip to born yoe. >> they're not on the receiving end of the cameras. >> reporter: the pictures were unveiled on a new website for the couple, william is seen at work, making tea and making his bed. he'll soon have to make a choice to stay in the royal air force or start carrying out more official duties. with plenty of engagements with his wife in the coming weeks, perhaps we've been given a clue. >> i think what's behind this is william and kate are in a way separating from prince charles' household, setting up their own office. they have a new press secretary. they have a new website that's specifically about them. i think what's happening here is it's clear william and kate want to show themselves as individuals with their own identity. >> reporter: individuals who have kept a low profile since nude photos of kate surfaced
6:19 am
when they were on a royal taur across the beautiful islands of the south pacific. but the scandal seems to make the public like them even more. william is shown as the most popular member of the royal family, even his grandmother, the queen. no wonder we'll be seeing plenty more of them in a runup to christmas. for "today," nbc news, london. still to come on a sunday edition of "today," a cheerleader opens up about her fall and her recovery. she joins us exclusively live for an interview. first these messages. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan.
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still to come on "today,"
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how to make the best of it if you get stuck or delayed at the airport. we sent diylan on assignment to find out. >> i'm going to wrat them all down. this week's best viral videos from the new milestone for "gangnam style." the nba is getting into the holiday spirit. tell me i've still got it. that our traditions matter. tell me you love me for who i am. that you can't wait to be home. tell me you're glad i've joined your family. even if i can't be there this year. just tell me. [ female announcer ] for everything they need to hear, there's a hallmark card.
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good morning, everyone. time is 6:26. you are waking up in a very foggy bay area this morning. good morning. i'm garvin thomas alongside meteorologist rob mayeda.
6:26 am
you look out the window and you don't see anything. >> that same picture yesterday. clear skies. a little offshore breeze. this morning here's visibility in miles. notice san francisco to oakland at a quarter mile or less. that shows you that we're really dealing with thick fog. visibility of a half mile or locally less on 680 getting off the sunol grade heading into fremont. numbers in 30s and 40s in the north bay and near 50 in san jose right now. as we go hour by hour, you can see low clouds starting to break up around lunchtime with some coastal low clouds sticking around into the afternoon. our temperatures today as we get only three-quarter day worth of sunshine as low clouds stick around for the morning. highs mainly low to mid 60s today. we'll see more fog again tomorrow. morning fog really the main travel concern locally for arriving flights at sfo the next couple mornings and rain into the picture with wind starting on wednesday morning. >> no reason to rush out this
6:27 am
morning for another cup of coffee. stick with us at 7:00. >> good advice. the investigation into how a woman ended up dead on the side of highway 101 on the peninsula continues this morning. chp officers were first called to the scene of a crash near the south airport boulevard off-ramp around 8:30 last night when they arrived, they found a woman lying on the side of the highway. it appeared she had been struck by the car. the chp says she was arrive when they arrived but shortly afterwards. it's still unclear exactly how is she ended up on the highway. >> we had some people stop on the shoulder and called us. that's still under investigation whether it's a hit-and-run or not. >> as officers investigated, all northbound lanes of the highway were shut down causing a major backup. the lanes were reopened three hours later. the arrest of a second suspect wanted in connection with a deadly carjacking attempt is bringing some solis to the victim's family and friends. the news came as loved ones gathered yesterday for a
6:28 am
memorial in campbell. many there are continuing to push for justice as they struggle to come to terms with the incredible loss. san jose and concord police arrested the 15-year-old suspect who had been on the run since last week. his brother is still in shock over the senseless killing. >> absolutely just wasted his life, my brother's life and the life of his partner. it was totally needless. there's no reason to commit this crime. no reason to pull the trigger and kill my brother. >> investigators say the teenage suspect and 26-year-old shot and killed him and got into a shootout with police. coming up at 7:00 this morning on "today in the bay," how laser technology used to document crime scenes and accidents is now being used to preserve historical landmarks. we'll explain. that, plus your top stories, coming up in just about 30 minutes. right now let's head back to the "today" show.
6:29 am
and we're back on this sunday morning, november 25, 2012, outside on the plaza. i'm carl quintanilla alongside
6:30 am
erica hill. thomas roberts and dylan dreyer. it's a little cold. >> crisp. >> that's the word. >> it keeps you awake. >> it does. >> still to come this half hour, an injured nba cheerleaders talks to us after taking a fall in front of thousands of people. jamie woode was performing a stunt at her orlando magic game when she fell and landed on the court fracturing three vertebra and breaking a rib. we'll talk to her about her injuries and, more importantly, her recovery. >> so amazing as she waved going off the court. we'll talk to her about that. also the story of one really remarkable teacher. she runs a preschool, actually opened it for her niece eight years ago. her house has been destroyed twice in the past year, after irene and sandy. the woman who was so used to giving her everything to everyone around her now seeing the community that she has created rally around her and her family to bring back a sense of normalcy. it's a beautiful, inspiring story. >> and as you know, this is one of the busiest travel it's of
6:31 am
the year and the weather can wreak havoc on flight schedules, of course, causing major delays. i found out firsthand what you can do to make your unexpected stay at the airport a little less stressful. we'll try. >> we'll take whatever we can get. >> if you can pass time looking at viral videos. we've all seen psy's "gangnam style." can you do gangnam style? can you do it? this has been a viral sensation. we will have a wrapup of the best thanksgiving viral sensations out there. wait until you see what we've got. it's pretty good stuff. >> a cute baby ahead. first, though, a final check of the weather with diylan. we are talking about the cold air today, but it is actually pretty nice in other parts of the country but i noticed matching hats. i've seen some crazy hats out here, but these are awesome. i love these. what's the occasion? >> 40th birthday. >> no way. 40th birthday. well, thanks for celebrating in new york city. it's nice to see you and happy
6:32 am
birthday. as far as the weather is concerned for today we do have the lake effect snow showers off the shores of lake erie, lake ontario, most of michigan. we'll see some of the snow throughout the day today, also some mountain snow out west, the eastern slopes of the rockies could see another 9 to 12 inches of snow possible. the southeast saw temperatures this morning in the 20s. so the growing season is over but it should warm into at least the 50s later on this afternoon. and then tomorrow we're actually looking at the chance of severe storms across extreme eastern texas. also into louisiana and elsewhere, the rains will extend up into kentucky. here's a look at palo alto this morning. fogged in. visibility in quarter miles from oakland to san francisco under a mild visibility in san jose too. you can see our temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the north bay eventually for the afternoon
6:33 am
near 60s inland. foggy start to the morning tomorrow which could slow holiday travel home times and then the chance of rain increases tuesday night into wednesday. and it's a chilly sunday in november, and that means tonight is sunday night football night in america. we are heading to met life stadium. the packers taking on the giants. it is going to be all about that windchill. temperatures will feel like it's about 29 to 31 degrees for all those fabs in the stands for sunday night football night in america. you can always get your forecast, of course, at erica? >> dylan, thanks. now for an update on jamie woode who was hurt after suffering a horrifying fall. pretty tough to watch. we're going to talk with her about that in just a moment. first, there is some good news. >> reporter: laes jamie woode smiling and walking at a news conference this weekend. a welcome sight after this
6:34 am
terrifying moment when she fell backwards while performing with the orlando magic stunt team. >> it was a freak accident. it's a very basic stunt that i've done hundreds, thousands of times probably. two feet we supposed to land on his shoulders and only one made it. >> reporter: the 31-year-old dancer broke three vertebrae in her back and a rib. she ended up facedown on the floor. as she was carted off, the fans inspired her. >> as soon as they started wheeling me, i heard the applause from the crowd and it was my way of thanking them. >> reporter: less than two weeks later the most noticeable sign of the accident is the brace that covers woode from her waist to collarbone. >> i feel good. taking one day at a time. >> reporter: woode's accident highlights the pro-tension for injury in cheerleading. >> cheerlead remembers falling from heights 15 to 18 feet. a fall from that height can have
6:35 am
terrible consequence ts including skull fractures, broken neck in addition to broken bones. >> reporter: woode hopes her tumble won't scare off fellow cheerleaders. >> i hope it won't deter them from following on 0. >> reporter: there's no doubt woode loves it. she plans to get back on the floor when her body is able. to get there woode says she'll need a little lift from her fans. >> keep the prayers coming. it's obviously working. and jaimie woode is with us this morning. you feel great. you said you feel really good. still feeling okay this morning? >> yeah. day by day it gets better. >> and you were joking this prevents from you eating too much at thanksgiving. >> absolutely. i've worn it for about a week and a half now. i'm pretty used to it but i do stay in it morning and night. >> is it hard to watch that video? we've watched it a number of times but it's different when you watch it, i'm sure. >> yeah, i used to cringe when i first saw it but with the
6:36 am
overwhelming amount of support and positive feedback i've gotten from it, it's been easier to watch. it's actually uplifting me if anything. >> when you look back at that, obviously you are seeing it now so that may color your memory a little bit but do you have much memory of when that happened and even, you know, those couple of minutes afterwards as you were taken off the court? >> yeah, i was conscious of the whole thing. obviously as a cheerleader falling and accidents like this happen. it's happened thousands of times before. so, to me, it was just another one of those moments. so i knew how to react it to the situation. i gnaw to stay calm. the gentleman who i fell off of was an emt so it was good to have him there on site, keeping me calm and talking with me through the whole thing. >> what did you feel? did it hurt? >> i knew i had injured my back. >> okay. >> but i didn't know the extent of those injuries. so i just let the medical team kind of do what they needed to do. >> and didn't let yourself think
6:37 am
about those what ifs. >> exactly. >> when you threw your arms in the air, it's a big sigh of relief when people see that. for you, that was just instinct. >> well, you know, when it first happened, i did have tingling and i did have some numbness, so the fact that i -- that all went away, i was excited. and when i heard the applause from the crowd, the first thing i wanted to do was let them know, yes, i can me >> we heard you say at the press conference this is a basic move, it was just a freak accident that happened and you don't want it to deter anybody from pursuing cheerleading. there's been a lot of talk though, recently, there needs to be more regulation, that it needs to be declared a sport so there can be better guidelines. do you think that would help make the sport safer? >> well, you know, we're all athletes. with being athletes there does come risk. i do believe it doesn't matter wa level -- there's so many
6:38 am
cheers of cheerleading. but whether it be the professional level that i'm in now or through college, high school, even pop warner, and there's governing bodies that do help with the safety and i do believe that they're currently doing everything they can to make sure it is a safe activity for all those involved. >> and you're ready to get back out there. >> you know, when the day presents itself, i am not going to say i'm not going to do it. >> have your doctors given you a sense of a recovery timeline for you? >> i am in the brace for three months. but they said the surgery went great so all i can do is take those positive comments and that positive feedback and go forward from there. >> you are certainly putting out positive vibes so plenty back. we're happy to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> keep us posted. >> absolutely. up next, an airport survival guide. dylan finds some fun ways to help you pass the time if your flight is delayed coming up right after these messages. the nightly stuffy nose thing.s i can't breathe, so i can't sleep. and the next day i pay for it.
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on "today's travel" millions of people racing to chasm their flights home after thanksgiving but those crowds mixed with bad winter weather could mean some travelers may never leave the airport. dylan, you know a little bit about this, don't you? >> oh, i do. december 2006 four nights in the airport with my dad. i've been stranded full of delayed or canceled flights once or twice. i recently spent the day at chicago's o'hare international airport to find out what travelers need to know if they're stuck with nowhere to go. it's the perfect storm, the holiday season, packed airports, and winter weather. >> every path we tried was canceled.
6:41 am
>> i guess we're going to drive now. >> i want to go home. >> at o'hare in chicago, it's not an unlikely picture. the holiday season can bring winter weather, with snow, sleet and wind, and that can cripple airports and leave flyers stranded so it's best to be prepared. first, book yourself on the next available flight. get on the phone and in line at the same time. if you are having trouble getting through to the toll-free number, call one of the airline's international reservation desks and they might be able to help you. social media gives you up to the minute updates on night delays and cancellations. you should sign up for flight alerts so you can know as soon as a flight is delayed or canceled so you can be the first on the phone. >> ticket agents know it's stressful. i'm a panicker. i immediately start to get angry. >> first off, dylan, you have to calm yourself, have patience. we are doing the best to get you to are where you want to. >> i know it's hard but now is your chance to make the most of your time in the airport.
6:42 am
take a look at the terminal map. you might be surprised what else there is to do. >> you can tell by being here at the airport that it is vibrant and we want people to have that good passenger experience. the worst case scenario happens we will take care of them. >> and with a captive audience, many are going gourmet. >> i passed by a few times before giving it a chance. it's great. stuck here for a few hours, you can appreciate. >> if you need to burn off those calories, jet across to the hilton without even leaving the airport. >> it is very convenient in between flights. >> whom i kidding? i'm going back for more sushi. this is so good. with all the distractions, not all flights delayed. tell me where we are right now? >> play area. >> and what do you like to do here? >> play.
6:43 am
>> can you show me your favorite stuff? >> yes. >> lead the way. do you like when you're stuck at the airport and get to play here? >> yes. >> and here is a secret, you can buy a day pass that lets you into an airline club lounge. >> we have individual concierge to help you. >> would you say it's easier to rebook a flight here after it's been canceled? >> easier access to come inside. >> no matter how long the delay, frequent fliers find ways to cope. >> my rule of thumb is you can't change it, do the best you can and relax. it never hurts. >> you can shop, look around and buy things. >> ipad with a movie downloaded on it, noise canceling headphones are critical. >> i learned the hard way i spent several nights on an airport floor and it was miserable. i have my list of things i always take with me in my carry-on. you always need a cell phone charger.
6:44 am
it's bound to die so make sure you have this with you at all times. and you also need some deodorant, it helps you and the guy next to you, too. make sure you have some battery free entertainment and my number one thing whether at home or stuck in an airport comfy clothes. okay, i'm warm, i'm comfy. it's quiet. it's about to be dark. it's not a five-star hotel but it'll do. and apparently your hair grows if you spend too much time. airports are trying to make that sleep more comfortable. they call it the passenger assistance program. they work closely with the airlines to make sure if anyone is stuck overnight there's a cot and an amenity bag like this one and it has the essentials, tissues, toothbrush, purell, shampoo. i don't know where you would wash your hair but it's in there. >> the toothbrush does make all the difference. >> it just wakes you up. you feel fresh. >> how was the sushi? >> it was the best i've ever had in my life and i'm not exaggerating, it was unbelievable.
6:45 am
>> and you can eat the sushi while you're flipping through your travel bag. >> a little solitaire, too. it's all good. >> watching those gate agents, can you imagine a tougher job than dealing with the passengers who are going through stuff like this? >> calm down. that's the biggest thing i learned. >> i have to say, i applaud them. gate agents and flight attendants have some of the most difficult jobs. just ahead, a well-deserving teacher gets a lesson in kindness from her community. but first these messages. esson kindness from her community. but first these messages. wait for me! there it is. ah! hurry up. you're heavy. are you sure these letters will get to santa? yes, of course. hold still. almost there. a little bit higher. i can't hold you up much longer. ah! whoa! [ all giggle ] ♪ hi, fellas. hi, virginia. why are you on the floor? [ female announcer ] bring your letter to santa into macy's and we'll donate to the make-a-wish® foundation. together, we'll collect a million reasons to believe. and we'll donate to the make-a-wish® foundation. online outfit piccolo headphones buy now
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6:47 am
tragedy known for bringing out the best in people. and it can also plant hope in the face of destruction that may often seem far too much to bear.
6:48 am
those in need who often give the giving, the results can be a little overwhelming. >> good morning. hi, brooklyn. >> reporter: melanie's generous heart is legendary. >> that's what i base my whole life on is giving to people. i feel like if you can give to other people, why wouldn't you. >> reporter: it's that outlook that has drawn so many families to the preschool she founded eight years ago. but after sandy destroyed her home for the second time in a year, the woman who has always given so much was suddenly the one in need. >> there was three times as much water than last year with irene. >> reporter: she and her family had only moved back in six weeks ago after repairing the damage from irene. now it's not clear when, if ever, they'll be able to live here again. is it hard to come back? >> it's absolutely hard. to see all the work that we've put into something and to know you don't have somewhere to live again, to know that every single
6:49 am
thing you picked out, the carpet, the paint, and put it all back together, to know it's just gone. good morning. how are you doing? >> good morning. >> erica higgins' son, owen, is in his second year at great beginnings. >> hang it up. >> the family quickly grew close to melanie. worried about her as they rode out the storm. and e-mail from melanie confirmed their fears. >> unfortunately, we lost the entire house. we had four feet of water in the house and everything, even stuff we put up high, got ruined. we're at a hotel until friday and then i don't know where we're going to go. we are together and safe, so that's what i'm focusing on. see you soon. >> erica immediately sprung into action, rallying the preschool community to help the woman who had always given their families so much. the response was immediate and overwhelming. >> hundreds and hundreds of e-mails, people dropping things off at my back door anonymously,
6:50 am
checks in the mail, cards in the mail, gift cards, bins of clothes, telephones, furniture, the list goes on and on. >> meantime, melanie was busy trying to salvage halloween for the kids. >> i knew how i felt being displaced and i felt it was really important for the kids. >> it didn't surprise me because that's how she is. she puts everybody ahead of her, and those kids are her life. >> melanie opened school that friday for a halloween parade never letting on to all that her own family had lost. >> i take a lot of pride in what i do. i try to, you know, keep it a little private. and it's amazing. i am amazed. i'm blown away at the support that my family has given me. >> it was the little things -- like a meal -- that meant so much. >> we're eating the soup and you stop for a minute and you think, and you just think that, you
6:51 am
know, it's just so nice to have this. and not have to worry about a meal. >> nearly a month after sandy, melanie and her husband, jason, are still waiting to learn the fate of the home they barely finished moving back into. do you think you have it in you to do 0 it again? >> can you ask me in a couple weeks? >> while melanie and jason admit some dark moments, the positivity is impossible to ignore. something these families noticed long before irene and sandy came to town. >> that old saying, you know, when somebody gives you lemons, just make lemonade. i'm trying to stay positive. i have to be positive for my niece, for my son, for my husband, for the kids and parents at the school. i have to stay positive. >> melanie is probably the most positive person i've ever met in my life. she and her husband, jason, are
6:52 am
an inspiration. if you'd like to help melanie and her family the united way is helping to organize donations so you can click on the website, miracles for melanie. i asked what she said most and she said a house. a place to rent while they figure out what else to do. talk about a great family and erica higgins has done a great job rallying the support. >> they just got back in the house six weeks ago. >> it is rough. >> imagine they were just getting started, to get settled, amazing. we'll be back after this with more. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet?
6:53 am
this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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6:55 am
viral videos are getting into the holiday spirit, from a dancing dog to some of the nba best putting a new spin on a popular christmas carol. here is a look at some of the fun videos being shared around the world right now. first up, look at this. dwight howard of the nba, dwyane wade, carmelo anthony, russell westbrook and joe johnson dribble to the beat of "carol of the bells" in a new commercial the take a look.
6:56 am
>> i love that of the. >> they're promoting a holiday lineup and the christmas line of jerseys for christmas. what's really cool is that each player was shot in a different location and then they stitched them all together to make the ad. is that unbelievable. >> really cool. >> unbelievable. we have another one here, a dancing chihauhau. >> your favorite, right? >> i have a chihauhau at home although i have to get this one, and this clip the dog is showing off his moves. ♪ do the conga >> how can you not give him a little thanksgiving leftover? >> he has the one, two, three, ball, twist dancing moves down. >> he's a far better dancer than i am. >> the owners put the music on, watched him dance for some turkey. he is a better dancer than i am. he goes on and on. >> love it. >> next up, everyone loves the sleeping baby. check out baby leo who is trying to fight off sleep. he drifts off and he wakes up again. over and over. there is nothing like a cute
6:57 am
baby video to brighten your day. this is shot in '09. it's gotten 1.5 million views. he's now 3 years old. is that adorable? >> sweet. >> oh, my gosh. at one point the mom says, i love you. finally, you thought gangnam style is finally, officially the most watched video on youtube. 806 million views beating justin bieber. >> look out. >> it was so popular during our wedding because that's what everyone was doing at the wedding. >> carl and i talked about it at the last break, are we want to do a gangnam style danceoff. i was going to tell you later. >> you can practice your moves. >> speaking of psy did -- >> david gregory, we know you have this down, david. >> i know psy. he taught me how to do it. it was a good time. good morning, erica, we have a special thanksgiving weekend edition of "meet the press."
6:58 am
what we can expect from president obama's second term and we'll follow the news this weekend as we look at the -- all the turmoil in the middle east. we'll hear from republican congressman peter king of new york. democratic senator levin as well as our roundtable coming up on "meet the press" this morning. >> we'll see you then, david. looking poured to it. that does it for us. carl and thomas, thank you for being here. thanks for joining us. lester will be back next weekend. a happy 6th birthday to my number one guy, my son's birthday today. happy birthday. >> have a great day.
6:59 am
right now on "today in the bay," the investigation continues into how a woman ended up dead on the side of a bay area freeway. we'll have the latest. plus, a week-long manhunt is now over. san se

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